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December 17, 2018
Beyond Leadership

Teamwork As general contractors, we are given a great amount of responsibility on the job site. Our job is to ensure workers are safe, schedules are kept, mistakes are minimal, and details are accurate. At JDI, we have the CEO and CFO who manage every job with a timeline and budget, project managers who oversee […]

November 26, 2018
Modern Interior Design

Looking to go modern? Then it’s time to lighten things up! We have to cut out the earth tones and incorporate white and gray. Adding white allows a room to feel more open and inviting. All colors have a specific emotional connection. The color white represents peace and cleanliness. When a customer walks into your […]

November 26, 2018
Our Top 5 Life Hacks

5 Helpful Life Hacks No math. No measuring. Pure genius Why measure and do math when you can copy a template? Photocopy the back of any item you can fit in the scanner before you start drilling in the wall. Simple rip off the paper after you’re done and throw it in the trash. Another […]

November 26, 2018
We Serve Because He Served Us

You want to upgrade your retail store but you need a quick response time and price estimate. Your restaurant is old, rundown, and in desperate need of a remodel. A fire or a water leak has exposed your property and you are overwhelmed about how to restore the damage. You are searching for a company […]

November 15, 2018
Project Time Lapse

Welcome back! We hope you have had a great week, we are half way to the weekend! We wanted to share a little bit more about our customers we have worked with. Even though we are a small construction company, we have impacted some very well-known companies. Our customers include: 94 Hundred Corporate Center Arizona […]