Our Specialty

At JDI Development, we specialize in restaurant renovations. With our experience and meticulous planning efforts, owners can continue conducting business as usual during the renovation project. Whether your restaurant needs a total new transformed look, a simple makeover, or a necessary adjustment to comply with state & health regulations, we can execute with minimal impact to your business operations. We excel in delivering our work within the most ideal time frame to keep your business open during and throughout the project.

Within the construction industry, restaurant build-outs have particular planning, construction and requirements to maintain the project to the correct standards. The property holds a consumer’s focus to attract and retain potential customers by including the use of special designs and equipment.

Restaurants require specific knowledge of particular materials and equipment. This also requires knowledge of health codes, safety and ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) compliance and how these aspects affect systems in food prep, grease venting and interception, and fire suppression.

JDI Development has completed several restaurant builds in Phoenix and other surrounding cities in Arizona. This has expanded our knowledge in managing appropriately throughout all phases including planning, construction and inspection.