November 26, 2018

Our Top 5 Life Hacks

5 Helpful Life Hacks

No math. No measuring. Pure genius

Why measure and do math when you can copy a template? Photocopy the back of any item you can fit in the scanner before you start drilling in the wall. Simple rip off the paper after you’re done and throw it in the trash. Another tip, make sure to use a level to ensure the object is straight.

Magnets + Screw Driver Attachments = Easy Access

This organization hack allows you to easily see all your screwdriver tools so you can spend less time searching for the right bit and focus all your available patience on your project. Even just a chunk of magnet glued to the wall would work; but once again, make sure to use your level.

See through for the screw

Screw the lid to a piece of wood and twist on the see through jar so you know what items you have inside! Easy access and storage, plus it stays off the work bench! If you cannot find clear jars, you can also use DYMO tape on the front part of the jar with a description of the items within the jar.

Never have your landscaping tools fall over again

It’s easy and effective. It keeps tools off the ground so you can sweep when needed. Also, you save yourself the hassle of always picking up the tools when they fall. Neatly displayed and effortlessly accessible.

Does anyone have any tape?

No more sore fingers or aching teeth from trying to rip the tape. This does not even need to be mounted to the wall, it can be a simple box that can be mobile. Just wood, a blade, and whatever tape you have. If you are going to mount it to the wall, we ask again that you use a level, you do not want to be one of these people…