November 26, 2018

Modern Interior Design

Looking to go modern? Then it’s time to lighten things up! We have to cut out the earth tones and incorporate white and gray. Adding white allows a room to feel more open and inviting. All colors have a specific emotional connection. The color white represents peace and cleanliness. When a customer walks into your building, you probably want them to feel welcomed and comfortable. The color white creates an atmosphere that reflects new beginnings because of its fresh and vibrant color. What better way to show off your new renovation than a color that literally represents new beginnings!

Here’s an example of one of our projects we completed where we transformed an office space!

The first picture is a renovation we did to a financial office space. At first glance, you notice the earth tones including brown, tan, and red. These aren’t bad colors; however, they are out of style. The reception desk has the same height all the way around which creates a boundary in the room. A reception desk should ideally look approachable for guests to feel comfortable talking to the receptionist. Now let’s look at what we did to improve this space!

White + Wood = Wow. White walls brighten up the room and make it look clean. The reception desk is no longer a small box, but now has a single strip that separates the room, while at the same time, creating a welcoming feeling to guests. The wood accent on the wall and reception desk tie in together and create a unique texture and color from the beauty of the natural wood. Lastly, the gray railing creates another color that compliments the white walls with its subtlety. The gray color also matches some gray that can be seen in the wood.

At JDI, this is what we love to do: Developing a plan to create an enhanced atmosphere for our clients.