Residential Custom Homes

JDI Development is a team of residential contractors determined to make your project run smoothly. JDI Development is the expert team known for quality residential projects for almost 20 years throughout the city of Phoenix and surrounding metropolitan areas throughout Arizona.

Our residential general contracting services include residential construction services such as planning, scheduling, execution and closeout. Residential construction practices conform to all local building authority regulations and codes of practice. The JDI Development residential construction team has constructed multiple multi-million dollar residential projects.



Design Team

The design team at JDI Development takes your residential dreams and transforms them into reality. The design process consists of elements such as drawings and specifications prepared by JDI Development engineers. Once the design has been approved by the homeowner, bidding begins to bring the homeowner the most cost effective solution.

JDI Development offers low costs based on our all inclusive construction projects which include experts from related fields, such as general contractors and engineers, as employees. By employing an expert team knowledgeable in all areas of the building process, we can pass along savings to our consumers.


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We provide residential remoldels services including kitchen, bath, and structural additions. During construction, a walk-through is completed throughout the residential locations to ensure quality standards and execution of design details to deliver the best outcome.

Sometimes it just makes sense to stay in your home and remodel instead of buying new, and we can make your home “new” again. JDI can renovate and add on to what you already have without the feeling of being intrusive no matter what size addition or renovation. We can help you with material selections and provide designer touches as well as a detailed schedule to give you the peace of mind of what to expect throughout your project.


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Why Us

Superior Service

Our experienced team is committed to upholding exceptional quality standards. All residential and commercial projects adhere to strict policies and procedures for service with integrity and excellence.


Our team combined has professional construction experience totaling over 80 years! Choose the expert team delivering hundreds of successful, quality residential and commercial projects in Phoenix AZ.